Thursday, 8 April 2010

The Joy of Pets

In a previous post I wrote a lament for Little Cat, so sadly missed after a fatal accident, and for her owners, E. and S.

E. and S., braving the risk of allergic reactions, went to the local Cat Rescue and were introduced to Hercule and Captain Hastings, two feisty bloke cats, allegedly brothers (although two years apart in age), allegedly devoted and inseparable.
I cannot help but feel that the Cat Rescue saw them coming and seized a golden opportunity!

Hercule and Captain Hastings spent their first night in their new home fighting in the kitchen. Hercule is black and white, but can boast a ginger beard and moustache achieved by biting his devoted brother.
They spent their first day spraying around the house, paying special attention to S's wardrobe, which is open-fronted.
They have continued to spray and fight, but the good news is that the vet says their teeth are so bad that they will probably fall out, and the biting will become gumming, just a token gesture of brotherliness.

The even better news is that the thorough distraction of having them around has eased the pain of the loss of Little Cat.
"I think they will both learn to purr soon," S. tells me.
Well, that's something for everyone to look forward to.

Some more encouraging news is that Hercule and Captain Hastings are now sleeping together.
I bought them a nice, comfy, suitably blokeish, suede-type double bed to celebrate.
The nice, comfy etc. bed was in a carrier bag in my kitchen, and my dog managed to be sick all over it the other night.

Why do we do it? I asked in my previous posting. Why are we motivated to take these little animals into our homes?

'Why indeed?' I wondered as I mopped the kitchen floor with disinfectant and washed the new, comfy double bed.
Then I discover why the dog has been sick.
When she found the packet of biscuits in the shopping bag I had so carelessly left at a low level she did not stop to remove all the plastic wrapping.

Bunty regrets......possibly.


Zhoen said...

Moby seems to enjoy the little luxuries so much, so purely, and that joy becomes mine.

Relatively Retiring said...

Sorry, Zhoen! I was being flippant about the emotional highs and lows of pet ownership. The uninhibited behaviour of these two chaps is doing so much to ease the pain of the loss of Little Cat.

Zhoen said...

I didn't read you as flippant at all. Just adding my 2¢.

Isabelle said...

That is a wonderful picture!

Relatively Retiring said...

Isabelle: sadly not mine, and not Hercule and Captain H, but certainly representing what's been going on! The dog with stomach ache is mine though.

Anonymous said...

Oh how funny. I love my pets but if I stop to think too much about about the wee in wardrobes, vomited hairballs on every window sill, clawed door frames & funiture, hairy sofa cushions, bitten fingers & general expense of it all .... well I do wonder!

Relatively Retiring said...

Lucie; Many thanks for the comment. It's good to be able to face all the wee, vomit, hairballs and vaccination fees and still think pet-ownership is worthwhile! I've enjoyed reading your blog.

den said...

I have ponder the reasons why we embrace animals into our homes, as I snuggle up with black cat and whippet recently.
Most of the animals that have been part of the family just seemed to turn up one way or another.
It must stem from something quite primeval deep within, I reckon.
Their presence keeps the bogies at bay on way and another. And taps into our need for unconditional love.

Relatively Retiring said...

den: Now that I'm living alone I value having another breathing, snoring creature around - even when it's stealing biscuits and being sick!
All my dogs have been rescued, one way or another, and it's great to be able to offer a sad animal a better life.

herhimnbryn said...

I agree, what would we do without them? Vacuum less, walk at dawn ( probably not at all),play less, be loved less.
Glad your friends have found new companions.

Relatively Retiring said...

HHnB: After my response to your previous comment you might be interested to know that Little Cat seems to have given E and S a degree of desensitisation, so that they now seem able to tolerate 'ordinary' cats. Without Hercule and Captain H they would not be painting the stairs, having had the carpet shredded!