Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Team Spirit in Ambridge.

                                          Strong Archer women in the kitchen....why not on the pitch?

At last....after the months of doom, gloom, fear and threats, bloodshed, personality disorders and legal complications The Archers get back to life's real issues, catering, extra-martial affairs and the inclusion of women in the village cricket team.
It's so good to see that there are places for the more mature ladies of this busy community in the areas of catering and extra-marital affairs, but it seems sad that apparently only the very young are being considered for cricket. Think how active Lilian is, in so many ways. Wouldn't she make a great wicket-keeper? Pat, with all her nervous energy, could be darting about all over the place, and Linda....well. Linda could do anything, any time, any where. What a loss of potential talent, and how the team could be revitalised, reorganised, reborn.

But perhaps this is all part of the great plan, and the many over-30 year old females of the cast will emerge in glory to save not only the day, but the weekends and the midweek practice sessions as well? And the men can take a turn at putting the kettle on and making the sandwiches.

I write as one who is not unfamiliar with cricket. At my all-girls' school, long, long ago, we padded up and waddled around the stumps with the best of them, and I spent many peaceful hours skulking near the boundary, watching the gentle play of light on the grass, only very occasionally being woken from my reverie by the yells of class-mates as a red leather ball hurtled past me into the shrubbery.
A peaceful time, unless one had the misfortune to be put in to bat. But then it was usually over very quickly.

Peaceful, but in the hands of skilled script-writers the sort of scenario that could become as fraught with tension and perils as any of the other Archer situations. Perhaps we have it coming? I do hope so, for as Miranda said to Justin last week: "The whole area's so barren. There's a dearth of restaurants, bars, cultures. What do people do all day?"

Play cricket....and watch the play of light on grass? It worked for me.

6th April: I'm glad I got that one right!


Zhoen said...

Had to play softball for gym in school. I sat in the outfield and read a book. When they yelled at me for missing a ball, I couldn't really care. Why would I want to win for girls who yelled at me and never explained the rules or any reason for playing the fool game?

Relatively Retiring said...

Zhoen: I nearly put an advance apology in this posting because I realise it will mean nothing to people who don't follow this very British radio series. The Archers has been broadcast daily for several generations, originally as farming information and now as an extensive family saga as well. Thank you for making some sense of it.
You and I could have shared relaxing time in the outfield, beyond the boundary while the rest of the girls yelled and hyperventilated.

Jenny Woolf said...

I became aware of The Archers when I was six and living in Oxfordshire. My family never listened, but my friend's parents, who were farmers, adored it. I think I must have decided around then that the programme was even more incomprehensible than most grown up stuff, because every time I hear it, even to this day, I feel confused. Who are these people? What are they talking about? Is it going to matter to a little girl like me?

I used to shiver in the furthest possible corner of the hockey field, wishing there were a few trees to hide behind, but we never played cricket in any of the schools I attended. So I am just as baffled about cricket as I am about the Archers.

BUT - I did enjoy reading your post because it was so entertainingly written!

Relatively Retiring said...

Jenny: after listening to the Archers for a decade or so it gets easier. I don't think the same can be said for any compulsory games.

Molly Bon said...

I never saw the Archers but my favourite aunt in Ireland (now deceased R.I P.)was a huge fan.

Relatively Retiring said...

Molly: it's a bit of a cult thing, and addictive as a result. I'm glad your favourite aunt appreciated it.

Pam said...

Oh, you're back. Welcome! I stopped listening to The Archers (after 27 years) when the Helen thing escalated. I just couldn't bear it. Now I've started listening again occasionally but am not yet addicted. But I imagine this will come...

Relatively Retiring said...

Pam: thank you. Yes, the addiction will probably take hold again!
I've been following your adventures with your lovely family. Good to see the little ones growing up so happily. I'm just back from four days of Granny duty and I slept for twelve hours last night.