Sunday, 10 May 2020

Letter to a (nearly) Three Month Old.

Dear New Grandson,
Not quite so new, but we haven't met, and it will be some time before we manage it.
You are a long way away, but it doesn't seem like it because your parents are so good at keeping in touch by e-mail, Skype and telephone. So I saw you a few minutes after you were born and I saw you having your first cuddles with your parents.
Your Canadian Granny came to meet you and was able to go with you to your new home in Austria, but then this pandemic (which I hope you'll never need to know about) also arrived and changed all our lives. Canadian Granny had a complex and stressful journey back to Canada to rejoin the rest of your family there. And I, who should have been walking in Alpine pastures with you now, can't go anywhere.
All that matters is that you are safe and well, amid blue skies and snow-capped mountains and both parents with you. An especial bonus for you is that your Daddy, who normally spends a big part of his life in extensive business travel, isn't able to go anywhere either, so the three of you can spend lots of time together.

It's Mothers' Day in Austria today, so guess what? Your're going on a sunny walk in your sling, and you'll all have a picnic somewhere beautiful. You'll be so full of clean mountain air that you'll sleep well all night - and that's an excellent Mother's Day gift. What a good job you've got your new sunglasses. The light is strong and clear up in those mountains, and those splendid specs can be used when you start skiing, which will probably be as soon as you start walking.

All your  English family will meet you as soon as it's safe to do so. Your three-year-old cousin will be so pleased to have another boy in the family. He looks at your photos and says you are just so cute. I wonder if he's seen this one, taken yesterday? He's going to want sun-glasses just like yours, and I think he'll be keen to ski, too. There will be a time you can do it together. For good measure you can teach both your cousins here to speak German, because you'll be doing that as well. You can bet they'll come and see you as soon as they can.

You'll be off to Canada. You'll be travelling all over the place,
So much to learn, so much to do, so much adventure and happiness in store for you. In the meantime stay safe and content in your peaceful little life.

I'll really see you one of these days.
With love from Granny.


Marigold Jam said...

My mother always used to say that "if a thing was worth having it was worth waiting for" and that little lad is definitely worth waiting to see. Much better to see him when you can cuddle him and not be the lady wearing a mask and not getting to close isn't it? He's gogeous lucky chap.

gz said...

Love the shades!

Relatively Retiring said...

Marigold: this photo made me laugh out loud when it arrived this morning. What a tonic!

gz: stylish or what? Also necessary in bright Alpine light.

Zhoen said...

That is one cool babe. With lots of amazing family.

Elephant's Child said...

Definitely a photo to lift your heart. Sky high.
I love your letters to your grandbabies too.

Pam said...

Ah, grandchildren. You sound so patient - I'm very impatient to see mine again.